1 On 1 Health Fitness

Who is Coach Mike?

Coach Mike is an eight-year veteran to the U.S. Navy Special Forces. After completing his service to the his country, he suffered a life changing death of his grandmother due to cancer and it changed his life. He had a mental shift to serve people in the area of health and wellness and prevent them from enduring the pain that his grandmother and family went through in the process.

He began his journey as an entrepreneur and opened his gym, ’1 On 1 Health Fitness,’ downtown Chicago, IL. He successfully cultivated a community on the truth of health and fitness. With just 2 years as an entrepreneur, he was given an opportunity to serve more people alongside the ‘Tony Robbins’ company touring North America. He understood after speaking to over 4000 people and over 300 companies in a year as a peak performance strategist, there was a desperate need to serve more people outside of his community. In 2015 he launched the Virtual Private Trainer (VPT) which allows him to serve anyone, anytime, everywhere in the area of health and fitness with the systematic approach of psychology and physiology.

Today he serves around the world as a powerful Success Coach & Motivational Speaker in the area of health and wellness that is empowered and manifested by his faith and belief in God.


2128 S Halsted Street, Chicago, IL 60608